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Hitec ePowerBox 30 amp AC Power Supply

Get empowered with teh dPopwerBox 30! Designed to provide your Hitec H4, X4, X4 Eighty or any other SC charger with the right amount of juice, our affordable power suupply is sure to become a staple in your RC workshop. With an input voltage range from 100VAC to 240VAC and an akjustable output of 12-18VDC, providing up to 30 amps of current, the epowerBox 30 is ideal for all modelers. It's dual 4mm output jacks and a backlit screen that displays both voltage and amperage output give this power supply amazing curb appeal.

HiTec ePowerBox 30 Power Supply (44174)


E-flite's new Intelligent Li-Po Balance Charger (EFLC505) works with 1- to 5-cell Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries and ensures longer battery life and better performance.

#Charges 1- to 5-cell LiPo or Li-ion batteries
# Large 2-line backlit LCD display for easy operation
# Intelligent balance charging for increased battery life and performance
# Polarity protection to prevent damage to the charger
# Adjustable charge rate while in charge process
# Safety timer to adjust maximum charge time available (0-720 min)
# Capacity cut off available (100-9900mAh)
# Temperature cut off available (20-80 degrees Celsius)
# Alarm warning and auto shut-off for: charge time over limit, charge capacity over limit, reverse voltage connection, input voltage error, connection breakdown, short circuit, and voltage differences during charge


  • Input power source: 11 to 15 VDC, requires 4A to charge at max rate
  • Charge 1 to 5 cells

Eflite Intelligent LiPo Charger


Hyperion LBA 10 Lithium Balance

The Hyperion EOS Lithium Balance Adapter 10 (LBA10) is the newest, most feature-packed and reliable lithium balancer on the market today, and comes at a bargain price. Simply put, it is the most powerful, versatile, and safest way to charge your lithium packs today. A single LBA10 provides three ways to balance your lithium packs from 2S to 6S, at a maximum of up to 10-ampere rate! Or, you can network two LBA 10 together with NET cable and adapter pack #HP-EOSLBA10-MSC. Set one LBA10 to Master and one to Slave mode. Series the LBA input leads together, and connect to a charger with appropriate S rating. Now you can charge two packs of same cell type and capacity (such as 6S and 6S) at the same time, and every cell in both packs will be balanced to the other when charging is done. Connect the packs in series and fly, with balanced packs from 7S to 12S in this way! Or, say you have two 5S chargers, and want to charge two 5S packs to connect and fly as 10S. Use each LBA10 in Master mode, and connect each to a separate charger and battery. When charging is finished, Connect the two LBA10 together in Master-Slave configuration, and connect them to the just-charged lithium packs. The LBA10 will work together until every cell in the two packs are balanced together, then automatically shut down. Takes only a few minutes. Now series the packs together and fly in peace!


Hyperion LBA 10 Lithium Balancer


Hyperion EOS Series 1210i speed 12 Charger

  • The EOS 1210i is an extremely powerful (180W, 10A max), versatile, easy-to-use charger with special features for speed charging lithium packs up to 12S! 2C rates are possible - in addition to Terminal Capacity Selection - allowing you to charge and fly lithium polymer packs* in as little as 27 minutes. NiCd and NiMH packs of up to 30 cells, and lead-acid batteries to 12V are also supported. Output Charge Cord/Connector set included Monitor the individual cell voltages on the LCD screen of EOS1210i while you balance your lithium packs with LBA 10. Network two LBA 10 together and you can charge two packs of same cell type and capacity (such as 6S and 6S) at the same time, and every cell in both packs will be balanced to the other when charging is done, for packs from 7S to 12S! All combos come with necessary Dataport and Network Cables
    * Input Voltage: 12-15V DC
    * Battery Types, # of cells: 1-30 Nickel-Cadmium cells (1.2-36.0V NiCd) 1-30 Nickel-Metal Hydride cells (1.2-36.0V NiMH) 1-12 Lithium-lon or Lithium-Polymer & A123 cells cells (3.7v-44.4V Li-lon/Li-Po)
    * Charge current: 0.1-10.0A (2C max for Li-lon/Poly)
    * Fast charge termination: Peak detection for NiCd and NiMH "constant current / constant voltage" for Li-lon / Li-Po optional thermal cutoff for all battery types
    * Discharge current: 0.1-5.0A adjustable
    * Cycle delay: 1-30 minutes adjustable
    * Battery memories: 10 * Display type: 2 line, 16-character LCD with Blue Backlight
    * LCD monitoring of individual Li-poly cell voltage with optional LBA10 balancer
    * Output connectors: banana jacks ( adapter leads included)

Hyperion EOS Series 1210i Charger


Triton Charger


Charge all of your R/C batteries with the versitle, computerized Triton 2 charger

Great for a huge variety of battery types (NiCd, NiMH, LiPo and Li-Ion, and lead-acid), and applications such as electric airplane and heli batteries, Tx and Rx batteries, car and boat batteries, field batteries, and more. Triton2 adds upgraded features to the design of the revolutionary original Triton charger, famous for its high performance, versatility, and rugged durability. Charge current is increased to 7A. The custom LCD now includes a blue backlight for easy viewing. T2 can handle LiPo packs with up to 5 cells in series. The input cord has installed banana plugs, and large attachable alligator clips are included. The modified programming dial is easier to control. And a slight programming change, plus a totally recreated instruction manual for ease of use and understanding.

Upgraded features from original Triton:
* Handles LiPo batteries with up to 5-cells in series.
* Maximum charge current is increased to 7 amps.
* The custom 32 character LCD now includes a blue back-light for easy viewing anytime.
* A new control dial, updated programming changes, and improved instructions for easier programming.
* Banana plugs on the input lead, and includes mating alligator clips for easy connection to input power sources.

Also includes these standard features:
* Precision peak detection with adjustable sensitivity for NiCd and NiMH batteries.
* "Constant current / constant voltage" charge method for LiPo/Ion and Pb batteries.
* Temperature monitoring option (GPMM3151 Thermal Probe required).
* Top-off charge feature fully charges NiMHs without overheating.
* 0-250mA adjustable trickle charge current (NiCd and NiMH only)
* 0.1-3.0A adjustable discharge current.
* Adjustable discharge cutoff voltages for NiCd/MH, pre-set voltages for Pb and LiPo/Ion.
* Perform 1 to 10 cycles (NiCd/MH only).
* Recall data for 10 full cycles.
* Configure up to 10 batteries in memory for instant, easy recall and charger setup
* Displays input and output volts, peak volts, average discharge volts, charge and discharge capacity, currents and time, and error messages.
* Audible sound cues aid in programming and notification of function changes.
* Safety features include cool-off time delay, maximum NiMH charge input, fast charge safety timer, current overload and reverse polarity protection.
* Built-in cooling fan, for better charge efficiency and extends life of charger.
* Small and lightweight, with a super-sturdy aluminum case for rugged durability.

Triton 2 Computerized Charger


Multiplex LN-5014 Multi-Charger

The LN-5014 will safely charge and discharge all Lithium, NiCd, NiMH and Lead-Acid battery packs and cells. An easy to read, Illuminated digital LCD screen displays battery type, charge/ discharge, mAh, voltage and charging time, enhancing the charging experience. To insure proper use, the LCD screen will also display error messages for out-of range input voltage, incorrect connection or reversed polarity, poor battery condition and internal errors. This easy to use charger, with its 4 button control panel and logical menus, is compact and simple to transport to the flying field or track


Multiplex LN-5014 Multi-Charger


TP-425 charger is specially designed to charge Lithium-Polymer Battery Only. Do NOT attempt to charge any other batteries such as Ni-Cd, or Ni-MH, and SLA battery. Please carefully read and understand about the Lithium Polymer battery safeties before charging your batteries. Do NOT charge Li-Poly batteries unattended. TP-425 comes with both Input and Output Red/Black gator clips.


  • Ultra high speed digital power system
  • Light weight and fully capable to charge up to 2500 mA/4-cell in series
  • Easy setting for various battery pack parameters
  • Reverse polarity protection circuitry (Input/Output)
  • Easy monitoring indicators (current and voltage charge status)
  • Beep alerts fault conditions, or charge is complete
  • Safe mode automatic cell count


  • Input power source: 11 to 15 VDC, requires 4A to charge at max rate
  • Charge Voltage: 3.7V, 7.4 V, 11.1V, and 14.8V ( 1 to 4 cells in series)
  • Charge current: 300mA, 500mA, 800mA, 1300mA, 2000mA, and 2500mA
  • Full charge voltage: 4.2V per cell
  • Size: 1.62" x4.0" x 0.62" (42mm x 102mm x 16.2mm)

Thunder Power Lithium Charger


Thunder Power Balancer

2-5 cell Smart balancer Auto balance (active if more than 0.005V imbalance) Over voltage safety alerts (also shut-off TP charger if detected any 4.3V cell during charging)

Auto Cell detect for any 2 to 5 cell packs
Check and display battery conditions
Imbalance voltage warning
Over voltage warning
LEDs display each cell in bleeding/balancing
Alerts full charge status
Built-in data port for interfacing with TP chargers, or other options

Thunder Power Balancer




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