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Saito 4-Stroke Airplane Engines
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Saito FA-220 Motor
Saito FA-220A

Saito takes power-to-weight superiority to new heights with the FA-220-its biggest single-cylinder ever. Packing a whopping 2.2 cubic inches into slightly larger than a 1.80-size case, the FA-220 will give medium to large-scale aerobats like Hangar 9's 27% Extra 260 out-of-sight unlimited performance. And besides the usual Saito benefits like canted valves for better mixture flow and that oh, so satisfying four-stroke sound, the FA-220 has an optional fuel pump as well as a sleek new head design that improves airflow around the cooling fins. .

Saito FA-220A with muffler.

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Saito FA-220A Golden Knight with muffler.

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Saito FA-220 fuel Pump

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