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Ease, dependability and performance are what make engines popular - and they're also three good reasons why the 46AXII has become an instant flyer favorite. Lightweight and low maintenance, the 46AXII is as good a choice for easy sport flying as hard-charging aerobatics. An extension cable and an angled high-speed needle make fine-tuned performance and maximum personal safety easy to enjoy. 

* Simple, side-exhaust design.
*Power Box muffler features a squared-off shape for easier fits in more cowls.
*40K carburetor has high- and low-speed needles, plus a mixture adjustment screw. Tighter tolerances between the piston and ABL create a tighter compression seal and improved power.
*Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft lowers friction and wear.
*Head automatically centers and levels itself - and snugs down with just 4 screws.
*Subtly tapered low-end needle eliminates surging at transition, ensuring smooth, controllable power across the rpm range.
*Updated liner ports and a ball-milled inlet port minimize turbulence and promote better fuel/air mixing.
*Minimizes "creep" and resets with seals on both needles and a ratchet spring on the high-speed needle. A rotor guide screw eliminates spring-related movement, too.
*Includes a lock nut and a longer crankshaft with more thread length to ensure better prop nut engagement and greater pilot safety.
*Includes glow plug, muffler, cable extension and warranty.
*The ABL (Advanced Bi-Metallic Liner) includes one layer for better bonding, and another to reduce wear and extend life.
*A needle-valve extension cable and rear-angled high-speed needle maximum pilot safety and convenience.
*A generously sized chamber and larger sound baffle help the Power Box muffler significantly reduce exhaust noise without compromising power. Rotatable exhaust outlet provides effective, no-cost finish protection.
17.1oz(with muffler)

OS .46 AX II Engine


Os 75AX Engine

The New power source for .60 sized aircraft
* Fits the same mount and bolt pattern as the 61FX.
* The angular head design looks great and significantly increases surface area for better cooling.
* Includes the new Power BoxT muffler, designed with more volume for increased power while still being very compact.
* A diagonally-placed needle means no remote needle valve is needed.


OS .75 AX Engine


The 95AX is another popular-sized engine in the AX series that's famous for providing uncompromising power in tight-fitting applications. The power of a 95 in the same size bolt pattern as the 75AX.

A high-performance engine that's ideal for aerobats and large-scale models.
Generous thread on the extra-long, balanced crankshaft means more secure prop attachment
Balanced cracnkshaft provides smoother running which is important on the larger single-cylinder engines as vibrations can literally shake apart the airframe.
The E-4040 Power BoxT muffler that's included dampens noise while boosting power.
20.0 oz

OS .95AX Engine with muffler








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