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Zenoah 20cc Gas Engine

Zenoah 20cc Gas
Tired of wiping down planes after every flight? Yearn for the low cost of gasoline operation? Zenoah's groundbreaking G20ei isn't just Zenoah's first engine with electronic ignition-it's also the first gas engine from any manufacturer purpose built for smaller planes that, until now, had no other choices other than glow power. Its dimensions are especially well-suited for round cowl models like Hangar 9's classic .60-size warbirds. The electronic ignition G20ei also gives you the cleaner, low-cost operation of gas plus rock-solid Zenoah® reliability in a package that's small enough and light enough to power any .90- to 1.20-size sport airplanes. Much of this incredible versatility can be attributed to its lightweight magnesium-aluminum alloy crankcase that gives it an impressive thrust-to-weight ratio that rivals many glow engines. Never before has gas power been within the reach of so many glow users.
Zenoah 20EI Gas Engine


Zenoah G-26 Engine
Zenoah G-26A
The new G-26 is the replacment for the G-23 and is perfect for 1.20 models, such as 1/4 scale Cubs like the ISC 87" Clipped Wing Cub, the ISC Robinhood 80, and Midwest AT-6, where reliability and the cost savings of a gas engine are desired. The G-26 offers an additional 800 rpm and
best of all, this extra horsepower has only a 2 oz weight penalty over the old G-23. Wherever the a G-23 fit the big bore G-26 fits also. It will Turn a 16X8 propeller a 8900 rpm.
Zenoah G-26A Engine


Zenoah G-38 Engine
Zenoah G-38A
The G-38 is the ideal gas engine for models such as the Midwest Extra 300S, Cap 232 and Super Stinker, as well as the Lanier Cap 232 and Stinger 120, where sport performance is desired. It is also a popular choice for many scale projects. It will turn an 18 x 10 prop at 7100 to 7400 rpm.
Zenoah G-38 Engine


Zenoah G-45 Engine
Zenoah G-45A
Weighing in at roughly the same weight as the G-38, the G-45 is great for many of the same models and is perfect for those who crave "unlimited" performance out of those types of airplanes. It will turn a 20 x 10 prop at approximately 7200 rpm.
Zenoah G-45 Engine


Zenoah G-62 Engine
Zenoah G-62A
The only engine allowed for competition in the Giant Scale AT-6 racing class, the G-62 is the benchmark by which all other engines in its class are measured. This engine is ideal for giant Warbirds, such as 100" AT-6 Texans, as well as the ISC 1-800-COLLECT Pitts Challenger II, and popular sport big birds like the Lanier Stinger and Laser 200. The G-62 will turn a 22 x 10 prop at approximately 7200 rpm.
Zenoah G-62A Engine




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